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The Audacity menu only appears on OS X. It includes some commands which are in other menus on non-Mac systems, plus some menu items which are generated by the operating system.

About Audacity...

Has the same version, credits, build and license information as at Help > About Audacity... on other operating systems.


Has the same choices as at Edit > Preferences... on other operating systems.


This is a system-generated menu, including system tools like Finder and Disk Utility. Its exact contents will depend on what applications the user has installed and what services they provide.

Hide and Show

  • Hide Audacity:
Hides Audacity and all its windows without minimizing into the Dock.
  • Hide Others:
Hides all applications other than Audacity.
  • Show All:
Shows all applications and their windows.

Quit Audacity

Closes all project windows and exits Audacity, as at File > Exit on other operating systems.

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