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Feb 2012 text added by James

"Third-party libraries used by Audacity are under the GPL or a free, GPL-compatible license. In making this source code available, it can be used under the terms of the GPL in other GPL programs. Like nearly all organisations releasing GPL-licensed software, we retain in our SVN code repository the more permissive licenses where available to us. So for example, if we make a change to our copy of expat, that change is available for use under the BSD-like license, as well as being available under GPL."

In place of:

"Most third-party libraries used by Audacity are not distributed under the terms of the GPL, but rather under some other free, GPL-compatible license as follows."

  • Gale 24Feb12: The current list of libraries is (intended to be) as per Help > About Audacity and, plus FFmpeg. Problems: iAVC is not used but listed, libsamplerate is used but not listed. Decision needed on whether to only list libs linked to, or (here) to all listed in lib-src/audacity-patches.txt.
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