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On any page which needs attention before it is ready for the manual, insert a link to this page by adding:

<div class="editornote">[[ToDo]] explanation of what needs to be done </div>

to that page. Be clear about the changes that are needed. Then anyone who visits this ToDo page can click on 'What Links Here' in the left sidebar to get a list of all pages with work to do comments.



The page is now the link destination for unclassified ToDo's, plus any discussion of ToDo's in general.

It has now been augmented with pages named ToDo-1 and ToDo-2.

Generally, we will ignore ToDo's on translated pages that have a suffix like /fr. Many will be duplicates of ToDos that were on the English page at the time, but it could be dangerous if translators were advised to remove divs that did not require translation. Generally, only the translator can fix ToDo's on a translated page.

ToDo Priorities

P1 on ToDo-1 These would be "release blockers". Since there are no more beta release, these would block any release

  • function not documented
  • function incorrectly documented
  • function correctly documented as far as it goes, but agreement it needs expanding (or possibly, contracting) to prevent reported misunderstandings.
  • broken / mistitled links
  • out-of-date images that do not show the interface as it will appear on release
  • no FAQ for a frequently reported issue

P2 on ToDo-2 These do not block a release. They are higher priority than Px.

  • mixed-OS images on the same page
  • no FAQ for an occasionally reported issue

Px on this page: Do not block release.

  • any "would be nice to do post-2.0" comments
  • debate about how exactly to write the text documenting a specific feature
  • debate about structure; e.g. (as of August 2012) what to do regarding the Tracks page

Plan for P1/P2 clean-up for 2.0.3

ToDo - Plan for P1/P2 clean-up for 2.0.3


Low Priority

  • The html manual distributed with Audacity is primarily the reference section. Tutorials and so on are nice to have with it, but are not essential. These sub-projects are therefore of lower priority.
    • Post 1.4.0/2.x, generate screenshots of all effects and their parameters automatically, and probably have separate Manual pages for each. Perhaps remind on Audacity devel? Perhaps add as part of a project proposal on GSoC ideas page on main wiki?

Lifted from Main Wiki

Essential Changes

Selection area issues when dragging

  • If you click inside a selection area when dragging, the selection area will move with the clip. Otherwise, the selection area will stay where it is.
  • To drag a clip containing a selection area into another track, either click in the track with Selection Tool to remove the selection, or click outside the selection area when dragging.
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