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This is the page to link to for Priority-1 ToDo's.

To link to this page, put
<div class="editornote">[[ToDo-1]] explanation of what needs to be done </div>
on the page that needs work done.

From this page, click "What links here" in the Navbar Toolbox to get a list of pages with Priority-1 ToDo's.

Priority 1 ToDos are "release blockers". Since there are no more beta release, these would block any release:

  1. function not documented
  2. function incorrectly documented
  3. function correctly documented as far as it goes, but agreement it needs expanding (or possibly, contracting) to prevent reported misunderstandings.
  4. broken / mistitled links
  5. out-of-date images that do not show the interface as it will appear on release
  6. no FAQ for a frequently reported issue

What links to this page

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