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Welcome For Editors

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Welcome, Audacity manual editors!

This is both the front page of the online manual, and of the local/zipped manual. Anything which is not directly or indirectly linked from this page (is a link on a page that is linked from this page) will not appear in the local/zipped manual. Image pages will not appear in the local/zipped manual, nor will pages outside the manual/audacityteam.org/ domain.

In a previous script (currently broken/out-of-use), the printed manual was assembled by concatenating all of the articles found on this page, in this order. Links to another page, like [[File Menu]], became page references in the PDF, for example File Menu (Page 73). External hyperlinks, like [http://example.com Example Web site], appeared in the text as Example Web site1 with a footnote containing the URL. We used <div class="nochapternumber"></div> at the top of an article if it was an introductory chapter in the printed manual (Copyright, Appendix, and similar). The printed manual was updated on the Export page.

  • Put <div class="noexport"></div> or <div class="editornote"></div> around text or a page to exclude it from the local/zipped and printed manual.
  • Put <div class="note"></div> around text for text inside a box. This appears in all versions of the manual. Look at Spans and Divs for the various kinds of "div class" options and specifically for what each is used.

Please read Editing Help to learn about wiki text formatting.

We should try to be consistent in terms of wording and page layout. Layout issues for some page families are still being discussed. See Consistency for current suggested guidelines.

Images: Please ensure all images have appropriate ALT-text. This should be something that describes the contents of the image in the context of its surrounding text for someone who cannot see it.

For ideas on what needs to be done to move the manual forward, see the ToDo pages.
  • ToDo - general discussion of things that need doing, and links to low-priority ToDo items
  • ToDo-1 - links to priority-1 ToDo items: these need to be resolved in order for the manual to be ready to include in a release
  • ToDo-2 - links to priority-2 ToDo items: these may need to be resolved in order for the manual to be ready to include in a release (decision belongs to the Manual Manager)

This manual has two main parts to it:

  • A step by step guide. Organised by tasks (the Tutorials and the Using Audacity sections).
  • A reference section. Organised by GUI structure.

The reference section should be naming the parts of the GUI and saying in outline what they do. The reference section needs to be complete for 2.0. I think it's OK if we don't finish all the tutorials, and drop the ones which are incomplete from the html help. JC

Follow links from Special:Lonelypages to find remnants of the old manual.

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